Tuesday 24 July 2012

London to Brussels on a bike - here we go: London to Harwich


On a bright, fairly sunny, morning the journey began leaving London's Stratford High Street and heading towards Harwich - eventually. 

Once out of London, it's surprising how green and pleasant our country is


Mel in the morning

The girls headed up country, keeping right of Harlow and to a place near Moreton for the first water (cider) stop of the day. Fully refreshed, they set off again along some beautiful countryside, passing Finchingfield
 Mel heading for lunch

 A nice, downhill ride - what beautiful scenery - and the only way most definitely is Essex.

And so to lunch at a place close to Wethersfield before heading off to a lovely spot called Nayland for the second water (cider) stop before the final leg of the journey into Harwich.

 Mel and friends

Time for a quick energy boost before hitting the coast

Approaching Harwich Harbour, it all looks a bit murky

And so they wait, looking forward to a hearty meal and a good night's sleep

And here's the stats:

Jacqui's speedometer tells all:
Day 1
Miles = 92.5*
Time cycling = 6hrs 58mins

*I forgot to turn my speedo on for the first two miles!

Sleep well and we shall catch up with you again tomorrow in Hook Van Holland

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