Friday 19 April 2013

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are wonderful; precious and beautiful. We should take care of them and use them wisely.  Eyes are the light (or lamp) to the body and a lamp illuminates the path we are following. Likewise, the eye shows us where we are going and what is happening around us. With closed eyes our balance falters, which can be when we lose our way. We (normally) close our eyes to sleep and perchance to dream as the great Bard gave such profound words to Hamlet. The only thing it is impossible to do without closing our eyes is to sneeze to which the universal response is “bless you” – to stop the devil from flying down your throat maybe? Or maybe your soul is trying to escape and “Bless you” pushes it back in.

Original painting by Jacqui Moore

I have written a poem entitled “The Windows to Your Soul” inspired by this beautiful painting by a talented artist (Jacqui Moore) and if you are ever lucky enough to own one of her paintings, then consider yourself well blessed.

The Windows to Your Soul
Close your eyes
What do you see?
A world with no windows
just your mind’s eye
searching the past.
You listen.
The notes of unseen sounds
A deceptive cadence
waltzing into your world.
Fuelling imagination.
The Ferris Wheels of reason
whirr and twirl
with syncopated rhythm.
the playground of your mind,
conception heightens
when sight is closed
and light is absent.
Thoughts, dreams, ideas,
so vivid and real.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul.
Karen Ette  April 2013