Friday 27 July 2012

London to Brussels on a bike - Day 4

Day 4: Turnhout to Brussels - click here to see the route

such huge canals

and flat, straight Belgian roads

(Jacqui getting ready to cycle the final leg)

Lunch stop near Hamme-Mille

Delicious, high-carb lunchtime sustenance 

On the road again

Turn left for Brussels

And they made it. Well done!

Time for the final speedo check:

Day 4
Miles = 72.7
Time cycling = 5hrs 51mins



Thursday 26 July 2012

London to Brussels on a bike - Day 3

Day 3: Amsterdam to Turnhout

Friday: this will turnout to be the longest distance covered in one day (If you'll pardon the pun)

Multi-storey bicycle parking; the Dutch really do love their bikes.

Start of Day three


                     Riding alongside a motorway; said to be "a bit scary".


     Nearly there

 And there you have it:
Day 3
Miles = 114.4
Time cycling = 8hrs 42mins

Total miles: 264.4
Time cycling: 20 hours 36 minutes

Wednesday 25 July 2012

London to Brussels on a bike - Day 2

Day 2: 

Hook of Holland to Amsterdam (click to see the route)

 On the morning of day two, just getting ready to disembark at the Hook of Holland

And off they go along some nice flat Dutch roads

Interesting housing:

Yes, definitely flat roads

Sooooooo much sand   

    Soon be lunchtime

Lunch stop near Langevelderslag. Jacqui enjoying some R&R - soooo comfy

                                           Having travelled up the coast - here we are

An old windmill in Amsterdam

 And if you haven't heard that wonderful song about the mouse in the windmill, then just click here and enjoy a few moments of unadulterated pleasure

                                          Cycling through the streets of Amsterdam 

  And the speedo says:

Day 2
Miles = 57.5
Time cycling = 4hrs 56mins
Total miles: 150
Total time cycling: 11 hours 54 minutes 

Tuesday 24 July 2012

London to Brussels on a bike - here we go: London to Harwich


On a bright, fairly sunny, morning the journey began leaving London's Stratford High Street and heading towards Harwich - eventually. 

Once out of London, it's surprising how green and pleasant our country is


Mel in the morning

The girls headed up country, keeping right of Harlow and to a place near Moreton for the first water (cider) stop of the day. Fully refreshed, they set off again along some beautiful countryside, passing Finchingfield
 Mel heading for lunch

 A nice, downhill ride - what beautiful scenery - and the only way most definitely is Essex.

And so to lunch at a place close to Wethersfield before heading off to a lovely spot called Nayland for the second water (cider) stop before the final leg of the journey into Harwich.

 Mel and friends

Time for a quick energy boost before hitting the coast

Approaching Harwich Harbour, it all looks a bit murky

And so they wait, looking forward to a hearty meal and a good night's sleep

And here's the stats:

Jacqui's speedometer tells all:
Day 1
Miles = 92.5*
Time cycling = 6hrs 58mins

*I forgot to turn my speedo on for the first two miles!

Sleep well and we shall catch up with you again tomorrow in Hook Van Holland