Wednesday 7 March 2012

Gardener's Delight (and Foodie's Pleasure)

Afternoon tea was taken recently at the Rowena Garden Centre (Loughborough Road, Rothley) - to read more about the history of Rowena, click here

In the Conservatory Restaurant there are such a lot of tempting items it's hard to choose.  Do you go for the afternoon tea - sandwich, scone and cream, pot of really good tea - served on a tiered cake stand?  Or, chose a huge slice of one of the delicious cakes?  Difficult decision.

They do some fantastic offers (click here to see some) - you even get free tea or coffee with some.  And if you have a gardening Club Card, you get points too!

Their Victoria Sponge is an absolute delight (with buttercream as well as jam - maybe the W.I wouldn't approve, but is is so good)

The carrot cake is another winner 

And the Simnel Cake slices just fabulous - and here's their recipe (just click) - very seasonal.

There is such a great choice - they do hot puddings too if you eat at lunchtime.  The Conservatory Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and their Mothering Sunday menu looks yummy (and very reasonable).

So, if you are in need of gardening supplies and are feeling peckish (or down right hungry even) then you can't go wrong but to try Rowena.

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