Friday 1 April 2011

Welcome to the Fancy Pans Cafe

Fancy Pans is a fantasy ‘café’ providing culinary interest and a travel log (not Travel Lodge), plus emancipated musings.

Therefore, the writing will be reviews of food and travel with a few extras thrown in like celebrities and events (and the emancipated musings).  Sometimes the people and places will be real, sometimes imaginary, and, hopefully, always entertaining.  Links will guide you to recipes and restaurants as well as places of interest and related sites.

Some days though, we may be on rations – depending on where the fantasy café is.

You can read about The Grand Opening, which is a pure flight of imagination, in the next blog. The guest list is impressive, so is the food. I hope you will enjoy it. 

Fancy Pans believes that a little bit of what you fancy does you good, so indulge away and I hope you will take pleasure in Fancy Pans.

Proprietor of the Fancy Pans Cafe