Thursday 30 March 2017

New Short Story Anthology by Ruler’s Wit

Winter Tales 

Winter Tales anthology of seasonal short stories has been revised, up-dated and added to,  creating sixteen stories written by the same four authors as the first edition: Stephen Ashurst, Karen Ette, Melinda Ingram and Donna Shepherd plus a great new story from the pen of K. D. Parker.

The stories, some new, some re-written, all have a winter setting, which brings them together in a united theme, but each one is very different from the others. You will recognise some of the characters from earlier anthologies as they take up new adventures.

The stories:

Number Nine sees our historical time-travellers, Paige and Wesley, help an old man on the Feast of Stephen.

Promise of Adventure: Twelfth Night takes us back to 1662, or is it 2014? Contains a desperate woman, strange costumes and unusual meetings.

The Christmas Wish comes true for Erin as she visits a Christmas market.

One for the Road – and who took the charity tin? Was it the old tramp? And is it wise to have ‘one for the road’?

Mephisto Waltz – a dark, weird tale when a Christmas tree becomes sinister along with the music, and life will never be the same

New Year’s Resolutions – many make them, but starting over isn’t easy.

A Winter’s Tail – you can always rely on a cat to sort things out.

The Damage is Done  - you wouldn’t expect that to happen if you had just been shopping, or suspended from school.

The Single Present Remaining: a most unexpected present from Mike’s hidden past is revealed.

Stumped! The Cricket Club’s party didn’t end in the way Alfie had thought. And who was Santa that night?

Sledging – to somewhere a long time ago, and back.

Contained – a dark tale of kidnap and forced prostitution that Morgan fears she will never escape.

The Book in My Hand: Inspector Sandbach returns with another crime mystery to solve.

Candlemas: Will there ever be forgiveness for a child of the sixties?

Just Desserts: Hell hath no fury… especially when it freezes over.

A Photograph – the camera never lies, does it?

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