Friday 12 February 2016

Winter Tales - Book Review

Winter Tales: An anthology of seasonal short stories: Published by Ruler's Wit available  as a paperback or on Kindle.

This is a delightful anthology of fourteen short stories that has been written by four authors of differing genres.

Number Nine                                  Karen Ette                           

The First and the Last                     Melinda Ingram                    

The Christmas Wish                        Donna Shepherd                  

One for the Road                             Stephen Ashurst                           

Mephisto Waltz                               Karen Ette                           

Starting Over                                  Melinda Ingram

A Winter Tail                                   Donna Shepherd                  

The Damage is Done                       Stephen Ashurst                  

What if the Hokey Cokey                 Karen Ette                                          really is what it’s all about?

Sledging                                          Melinda Ingram                    

Candlemas                                      Karen Ette                           

Just Desserts                                  Melinda Ingram                    

Threat                                            Donna Shepherd   
A Photograph                                  Stephen Ashurst

Some of the stories are sad, some a bit scary, some supernatural and some with a romantic theme, so there’s plenty for everyone, but not all have a happy ending, in fact you may be left thinking, "what????" 

It is satisfying that you can complete a whole story in one session and this makes the book a great coffee-break read, or to keep in your bag for that journey on the bus or the wait for your appointment.

No spoilers as many of these tales have a twist in them but it is recommended as a great little read.

Looking forward to Spring Tales.

To get your copy of Winter Tales, please click here.

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