Saturday 4 August 2012

Great Manchester Swim


Not content with cycling 340 miles across Europe,:London to Harwich, Harwich to Hook of Holland (on a Ferry, not cycling), Hook of Holland to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Turnhout and finally,Turnhout to Brussels, all in four days (see London to Brussels, July 2012), Mel set out to swim the one mile of cold water which is the Salford Keys. She doesn't take any prisoners, but she does cajole others into taking part, and so she was joined by Eve Joseph and Brillo Hill for this gruelling swim.

Famous faces were evident (Jessica Ennis)

They then slipped into something a little less comfortable for the event:

And squeezed into some unflattering headgear
Don't they look fab?

Come on in, the water's lovely

Can you spot them? They are wearing purple hats!

You can see some of the action if you click here

And the end is nigh:


The statistics:

Brillo:     393rd  in 27 minutes and 50 seconds
Mel:       543rd  in 29 minutes and 14 seconds
Eve:     1543rd  in 38 minutes and 12 seconds 
(notice how there was a 3rd in all their positions?)
Out of over 3,000 participants, they did brilliantly.

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