Tuesday 16 August 2011

London to Paris - on a bike - Day 4 - PARIS!

Jacqui takes up the story:

Day 4 dawned and this was to be the final leg of our journey.  I only had coffee for breakfast - maybe not a wise move considering we had 50 miles to cover.

We set out just after 8.00 a.m. along quiet, but windy, flat roads. 
8.05 am

The countryside is stunning as we travelled south, passing St. Quentin and Auteuil

The knee was mending,
although it looked as if I had spilt custard on it. 
After about an hour the dreaded brick wall had hit me and I felt I couldn't go on. I'd stopped to scoff an energy bar about half-an-hour earlier, but my injury plus a bloody strong wind made me feel awful, I had no energy or enthusiasm.  After stopping and thinking long and hard about what I was doing and why I was doing it I believed that yes, I can do it.  I gave myself a mental telling off and got on with it.  Collette encouraged and spurred me on: "you can do it!" she kept on telling me.  She also kept singing the Queen song 'I like to ride my bicycle!' again and again and again.  At first I wanted to kill her but eventually I was singing it too! 

9.55 am

10.05 am

10.10 am
The beautiful River Oise

crossing the river

We approached Vallangoujard Village 
where we had our water stop.

We left Picardie and stopped for lunch beside this::

Insect Hotel

- at last -

Lunch stop

After lunch, and feeling energised, we set off in small groups towards Paris.

1.25 pm

2.00 pm

2.25 pm  River Seine

 We arrived at the Bois de Bologne, the Holding Point, before our final stretch took us into Paris itself.

2.35 pm

We were all given blue "I Cycled London to Paris 2011" T-shirts and then, at to 2.55 pm were off, in convoy, to France's capital city.

2.53 pm

2.55 pm

2.57 pm

2.56 pm

3.04 pm
Getting ready for the final push 3.07 pm

Arc de Triomphe 3.11pm

Champs-Élysées 3.13 pm

3.17 pm

3.26 pm  La Tour Eiffel
Just amazing!
We were cheered along by people in the streets and under the Tower.

Celebratory Champagne on arrival.



  1. Amazing! Well done, Jacqui!(Not sure about the champagne out of plastic cups though!)

  2. It is something Jacqi will remember for a long time. Such a wonderful achievement. She ought to have a poster of her bruised and bloody knee alongside the custard tart photo of it gradually getting better. This will remind her that she came through this episode in her life with honours. Well worth the time and effort when she will consider that it will be a talking point for years to come. Excellent. Sincerely

    Syd Spence

  3. The last blog will be the Homeward Bound one and the final total raised for Charity will be revealed. Thank you for reading and for supporting Jacqui. Karen