Sunday 29 May 2011

Baby Gorilla at Twycross Zoo, plus Art Gallery opens.

Welcome Okanda!

Fancy that!  Fancy Pans has been back to Twycross and the main purpose of our visit was to see Okanda, a new-born male western lowland gorilla (an endangered species).  However, seeing him was difficult as Mum, Ozala is very protective of her precious little boy.  Dad, Oumbie also watches over his son and heir, so it isn’t easy to get a photograph.  This picture is one of Twycross’s own and you can read more about Okanda on their website.  

The new arrival, named after the Lope-Okanda Wildlife Reserve in Gabon (a Gorilla conservation area), was actually born about a month ago, but no-one could get close enough to find out if the new baby was a boy or a girl until mid May.  Mum, Ozala was also born at Twycross in 1994 (yes, that makes her just seventeen).  Dad, Oumbie, isn’t a local, he was born at Howletts Zoo in Kent (he’s a southerner).  

Don't forget to treat yourself to lunch or tea in the fabulous Hymalaya restaurant, with snow leopards prowling just outside.  What more could you want? (Well, a sunny day would be good).  (See previous blog 'Chef's Day Off' for more about the Hinalaya).

Twycross is open 364 days of the year and latest information is on their website.  Well worth a visit.

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