Thursday, 8 May 2014

Nail Art with the Colour of Magic

As it's the Literary Salon at Loughborough University soon, and as I shall be taking money, greeting guests and drinking wine, I thought I should have my nails painted. Not just a coloured varnish, but real nail art.  

Roxanne is so talented you can have almost anything painted onto your nails, or left plain but longer and sleeker than you've ever dreamed.

First of all there's the cuticle treatment, buffing and filing, then the creative work begins.  I chose not to have acrylic (false) nails as they can be quite harsh on your own, but they do look fantastic.

Stage one - black paint on thumbs and middle fingers. 

 Stage two - 
other fingers painted and brown lines added to black 

So there you have it

 Books and Bookcases

All ready for the Salon 

And then a second fabulous creation - shades of summer and silver

And here are more of Roxanne's wonderful creations 


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